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What is the Rocky Mountain Quality Consortium?

We are a community of professionals using quality practices to make our jobs, businesses, and lives faster better and more cost effective. We are committed to providing information and resources around quality topics. 

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Featured Presentations.

Integrating Leadership, Quality Managment & Lean Six Sigma into the Business Management Process

Presentation Overview Join Bill Castle as he explores how organizations can integrate Leadership, Quality Management, and Lean Six Sigma into Business Management. Bill Castle Integrating Leadership, Quality, & Lean into Business Management • Captain William K....
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5S Breakthrough to Improving and Sustaining Workplace Performance

Presentation Overview Join Suzanne Laznicka for a presentation exploring 5S Breakthrough to Improving and Sustaining Workplace Performance. In this presentation she will explore the model and history origin of the 5S/6S, how to use the model as a cornerstone for...
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Introduction to Toyota Kata with Dave Harry

Presentation Overview Join Dave Harry as he presents an introduction to Toyota Kata a methodology that he believes is Toyotas 'Secret Sauce'. Learn what Kata is all about, how Kata is implemented within organizations and the value that Kata brings. Dave Harry...
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Quality 101

Presentation Overview In this introduction to Quality practices Lamont Rogers walks us through the banefits and tools in the most popular quality methodologies. Including Lean, Six Sigma, Agile Project Managment. Lamont provides us with an introduction to quality...
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Transformational Lean Financial Planning & Analysis

Presentation Overview There is a whole host of situations that is currently driving organizations today to improve their financial and opperational performance. Join Brian Higgins in this presentation to learn more about the challenges that management is facing today....
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The Integration of Lean Six Sigm Into PMBOK Project Management

Presentation Overview In this presentation, Brian Galli explores how Lean and PMBOK can be integrated. This is one of Dr. Galli's primary area of research. He will cover the principals of Lean Six Sigma and Project Management as well as the goals of both concepts. He...
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Lean Meetings with Mark Mais

Lean Meetings In this presentation, Mark Mais explores how to integrate Lean into meeting management. He will share powerful strategies for purposeful meetings. Who should attend meetings within an organization and how to prepare. How to effectively prepare for a...
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